thought in my heart that Iíd give up and die,
for the voyage was rough and why should I try?
I floundered around in a turbulent sea
while the billowing waves kept crashing on me.

The storms raged wildly and the waters rose high;
I knew I was drowning and I cried, "Lord, why?"
I heard a voice answer; it seemed to descend
from out of the clouds and the violent wind.

Then God whispered to me, "I see you down there,
swimming alone in your black sea of despair.
IĎve watched as you struggled in lifeĎs hurricane;
Iíve patiently waited till you called My name.

"The waters are swift and itís so hard to sail,
for when you ignored Me I commanded a gale.
I sent the waves crashing in hopes you would see
that you couldnít survive without help from Me.

"If your life were easy and storms never came,
be honest, my child, would you call out My name?
If youíll surrender your heart and give it to Me,
Iíll be there to calm the most treacherous sea."

The waters at once became still as a breeze;
I said, "Thank You, dear Lord," and fell to my knees.
My heart felt as light as a gull on the wing,
and I lifted my voice His praises to sing.

Now when storms of life rage and waves billow high,
I donít bother my Lord with questions of why.
He gave me His promise and I understand
Iíve only to ask and Heíll lend me His hand.

~Copyright © 1995 Ruth Gillis~

"For Everything God Has A Reason" received
a First Place Award in the
September 1997 issue of Poet's Review.

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