The Lamplighter

I know what it's like to wait in the dark,
to hover in silence alone.
I know what it's like to lose all your faith,
to cower with dreams overthrown.
I know what it's like to weep with despair,
to think that it's no use to hope.
I know what it's like to tremble in fear,
to feel at the end of your rope.

But I've learned there's a lamp up in Heaven
that illumines the blackest night,
and if you pray from the depths of your being,
it will burn with magnificent light.
For this heavenly flame will be kindled
by the wonderful power of prayer,
and though you may think it's not tended,
the Keeper of the flame's always there.

I know that sometimes it seems hopeless,
you feel like you might as well quit,
but hang on with all you can muster,
believing the lamp will be lit.
Kneel down in the midst of your shadows
and pray for a light in the dark,
then look toward the sill of Heaven
and patiently wait for the spark.

Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis

"The Lamplighter" received a Second Place Award in the
January 2000 issue of Poet's Review.

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