The doctor came and broke the news
that Williamís heart was failing,
and he explained that was the cause
that William had been ailing.

He told his wife there was no cure
in words that sounded bleak:
"A transplant cannot be performed,
for William is too weak.

"I wish that I could offer words
to bring you hope and cheer,
but I regret to tell you that,
at most, he has a year."

But Hannahís heart would not accept
the words the doctor said,
and she felt sure that in a year
her Bill would not be dead.

She held him close and kissed his face
and said, "Youíll be just fine.
Remember, though your heart is weak,
my Love, you still have mine.

"Itís strong enough for both of us;
weíll pull through this together.
Just lean on me, Iíll be your strength
throughout the stormy weather."

Now, Hannah knew inside her head
her husbandís fate was sealed,
but when she looked into her heart,
that fate was not revealed.

So everyday she smiled and sang,
refusing to be sad.
She cared for William faithfully
with all the love she had.

On sunny days she took him out
to see the sights in town.
She pushed his wheelchair down the streets
and never wore a frown.

Sometimes at night when William slept,
her arms around him tight,
she stayed awake and prayed to God
that he would be all right.

And then one day in early spring
her Bill began to talk.
With vigor in his voice he said,
"Today I want to walk."

Together, hand in hand they strolled
along the country lane,
and William smiled and said to her,
"Soon Iíll be well again."

Now Hannahís heart brimmed over
with joyous notes to sing,
and silently she thanked the Lord
for promises of spring.

When summer came the doctor said,
"I have good news to tell.
I do not know the reason why,
but Williamís heart is well."

A miracle it must have been,
he noted in his chart,
but William knew it was because
of love in Hannahís heart.

Copyright © 2002 Ruth Gillis

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