To Measure Love

I measure love in moments spent with you,
dim candlelight, touch of your hand on mine,
delightful kisses soft as morning dew,
caresses tingling up and down my spine.
I measure love when out of my dire need
I reach for you in times of weariness.
You always find the time to gently lead
and walk beside me through my dark distress.
I measure love not by the words you say,
but by your soothing hand upon my head
when I am sick; the kind and thoughtful way
that you take charge and tuck the kids in bed.

My dearest spouse, your loving acts convey
by far much more than simple words could say.

~Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis~

"To Measure Love" received a First Place Award
in the November/December 1996 issue of
Poets at Work



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