You came to me just like a prince
and fanned a dying flame;
you spoke with tongue of eloquence
and softly crooned my name.

My heart, unmoved for many years,
was lifted to the height;
you set it free to feel again
and love with all its might.

The door that I had firmly closed
I then flung open wide;
I cleared the passageway of doubt
and bid you come inside.

We closed the door and climbed the stairs
to ecstasy sublime,
and I was sure that we would be
together for all time.

But now the door is gaping wide,
for you have traversed through,
and all that's left inside my heart
is bitterness toward you.

I'll close the door and board it up;
your pleadings I'll rebuff,
'cause, frankly, dear, my love is dead,
and twice burned is enough.

Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis

"Estranged" received a First Place Award in the
July 1999 issue of Poets At Work.

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