by Madison Gillis

I want to get away from here,
off to somewhere no where near.
There's got to be a road that leads
to a place that will meet all my needs.

Is the road made of asphalt or stone?
Or is it a dirt road that will lead me home?
As I ponder over the possibilities
something catches my eye -- an object in the trees!

I walk toward it and finally see
a little white house surrounded by weeds.
The house is abandoned and all worn down;
its once-tan shutters have turned to brown.

It is calming in an interesting way,
and I think to myself I'll come back another day.
But after a while I decide to stay, 
for this is the place I can get away.

Copyright 2013 Madison Gillis

(I am proud to say that this lovely poem
was written by my sweet granddaughter.
Thank you, Madison, for sharing your poem
with me and allowing me to display it on my web site).


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