An Alternate Ending to Romeo and Juliet
(or The Alternate Ending That Changed Fate)
by Sarah Gillis

The change of seasons comes without a call,
As does the loss of someone dear to me.
A life without love is no life at all,
Similar to ships that are lost at sea.

This empty life leads to much more harsh pain,
All I want is to lie at your side still.
Since dust is your home, mine will be the same.
Though common for few, O death is my will.

Alas, although the pain and loss be great,
And all I want is to be with you now,
Greater punishment be for changing fate,
So I must stay while time will yet allow.

Thus until I die, on this earth I'll be,
But when it is time, bind my heart to thee.

Copyright 2014 Sarah Gillis

I am proud to say that this exceptional poem
was written by my lovely granddaughter Sarah.
Thank you, Sarah, for letting me grace my pages
with your heart-touching poem.

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