Oh, how unencumbered love was at seventeen!
How natural it was not to question dreams.
We built castles in the sands of adolescence,
fantasies erected in a changing tide.
Magically our castles rose,
sparkling like jeweled chateaus in the sun.

You were my perfect love, my Adonis
with golden hair.
Like a match to kindling,
the mere brush of your hand ignited my passions.
We planned to wed upon graduation.

Ah, sweet Adonis, do you remember?
Do you yearn to taste the unpicked fruit again?
Do you long for urgent kisses
as powerful as lightning bolts?

When I see a budding flower
caressed by morning dew,
or watch an apple ripening on the tree,
sometimes I think of you.
Occasionally, if I look closely, I can see you,
my yellow-haired Adonis,
clutching the white steed's mane,
galloping toward the rising sun.

~Copyright 1996 Ruth Gillis~

"First Love" was first published in the
January/February 1997 issue of Poets At Work.


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