I met God on a spring morning
in the dew clinging to the petals of a tulip,
in the first bud on the apple tree,
and in the faces of carefree barefoot boys
wading in the creek.

I met God in the summer
giving drink to the thirsty earth;
I felt His presence
as He watched over tender children
swimming in the pool
at the American Legion.

I met God in the autumn
in the brown falling leaves
rustling away the summer;
I knew His nearness
when tiny goblins gleefully
went trick-or-treating.

I met God in the winter
as the liveliness of His creations rested;
I witnessed His presence
when exuberant tykes with mittened hands
built snowmen.

His star shone brightly
in the darkness of my soul
when life's rain pummeled my heart
and the whole world
seemed not to care.

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in Songs of Glory December 1994

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