As I wander in the evening,
Across the silent sea I roam;
In thoughts I see my blessed Savior
As He leads me gently Home.
As He guides me through the waters,
I can feel His love divine;
I can hear Him calmly whisper
That I'm His and He is mine.

When I'm dreaming in the twilight,
So peacefully the shadows fall.
I dream of meeting my dear Savior,
And I hear Him softly call:
"I have come to take you Home now;
Come, I'll lead you safely There."
Then in happy, sweet contentment
I kneel down in thankful prayer.

Some sweet day I'll go to Heaven
Where the angels gladly sing,
And up There I'll praise my Savior
While the angels' glad harps ring.
There will be no sad delusion,
Everything will happy be,
And up There I'll live with angels
When my Savior's face I see.

Yes, I wander in the evening
While the toilers come and go.
I can breathe a sure assurance
That someday to Heaven I'll go.
O! How blessed is the feeling;
In my heart I am aware
That someday I'll see my Savior;
He will guide me safely There.

Copyright 1950 Ruth Gillis
(Written when I was very young)

(The first two verses previously published in
RB's Poets' Viewpoint May 1995)

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