Let Me Run A Godly Race

Oh, let me run the race on wing-ed feet,
My arms outstretched and reaching for the prize,
With loving prayers for everyone I meet,
My eyes affixed on treasures in the skies.

Oh, let me soar above the evil world
On wings propelled by God's own strength and might,
And let me ever keep His flag unfurled
And waving brightly in His realm of light.

Oh, let me take His hand and walk the seas
Throughout the universe of space and time,
Expounding truth of God on bended knees,
Extolling wonders of His love divine.

Then when my mortal race at last is run,
Let Jesus smile and say, "My child, well done."

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

"Let Me Run A Godly Race" received a First Place Award
in the September 1996 issue of RB's Poets' Viewpoint

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