Time Isn't Very Long

Once I desired a rich man's goal;
I schemed a selfish plot.
I woke to find a tarnished soul,
A soul that I forgot.

I planned a future bright ahead;
Ambition was my song.
It vanished when I realized
Time isn't very long.

I heard the gentle voice of God
Steal o'er my dreams of fame;
I stood in awe and wonderment
As He called out my name.

I saw my castles standing high
I'd built with zealous song.
God said, "Redemption draweth nigh;
Time isn't very long."

Examining my selfish schemes,
I let my castles fall.
I realized that worldly dreams
Would never last at all.

God's words had pointed out to me
How fleeting was my plan.
He gave me visions of a house
Not built by mortal man.

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

"Time Isn't Very Long" received a Second Place Award in the
January 1995  issue of RB's Poets' Viewpoint.

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