Witch Party

I shook the cobwebs from my broom,
'Cause Halloween gets me in tune.
My potion's spuming in the pot
With slimy innards spicy hot.
I slurped a cup to whet my tongue;
It made me feel so ghastly young.

I gave some to my ghoulish cat
As on the windowsill he sat,
Depressed and in a dismal mood;
I knew the brew would do him good.
He bristled up in fiendish glee;
The Monster Mash he danced with me.

One whiff of my concoction brings
Assorted bats with swooping wings.
Then soon the ghosts from ages past
Up from their tombs arise at last.
The werewolves wail in unison
As to my hut they fiercely run.

All eerie and unsightly creatures
With strange, distorted, spooky features
Come scrunching at my creaky door,
A slug of spume to beg, implore.
Demonic, ugly, haggy beings
Cavort in scandal on my ceiling.

A poltergeist has ceased his rapping,
My frothy foam has left him napping.
Four vixen vamps not seen before
Are guzzling blood in my boudoir.
My party thumps and bumps 'til twelve;
Then cackling I excuse myself.

My freakish friends all had a blast,
But upon me a spell was cast.
A wacky warlock dug my grin,
Inveigled me to come with him.
We broomed away into the night,
Two witches off to stir up fright.

Copyright 1994 Ruth Gillis

"Witch Party" received the Editor's Pick Award in the
October 1994 issue of Poet's Review.


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