(For Madison)

She has a winning way about her,
I see it in her eyes;
she captivates, intoxicates,
a temptress in disguise.

I can't resist her velvet neck,
the kisses there are sweet;
and, oh, she is so cute and plump,
with dainty hands and feet.

She teases when she plays with me,
she sure has made a hit;
I know that I am hooked on her,
and I don't mind a bit.

She loves to snuggle in my lap,
she laughs and squeals with glee;
I sense an urge to squeeze her tight,
she tantalizes me.

It soothes her when I sing to her,
she often falls asleep;
my love for her is so profound,
sometimes I almost weep.

When she is napping in her bed,
I'm mesmerized to look,
because she is more beautiful
than pictures in a book.

I guess that I've gone bonkers,
bewitched, possessed, and crazed,
for every little thing she does
prompts me to feel amazed.

How can a tiny girl like her
completely bowl me over?
Well, she's a six-month-old delight,
and I am her grandmother.

~Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis~

"Hook, Line And Sinker" received a First Place Award in the
Spring 1998 issue of Apropos.

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