A Poet's Prayer

Lord, help me write the poems
that brighten someone's soul,
like sunshine quenches raindrops,
let teardrops cease to roll.

Lord, let me fashion words
that help someone to cope,
like breaths of early springtime
which lifts our minds with hope.

Lord, teach me words of wisdom
that reach both far and wide,
to help some beaten traveler
walk again with pride.

Lord, give me poet's wings
to fly above the crowd,
to gather words of love
that make hearts sing aloud.

Then if academicians
award me not a prize,
I'll be content to be
a poet in Your eyes.

And when my pen is empty,
I've lost my gift to see,
Lord, let the poems I've written
live through infinity.

Copyright 1997 Ruth Gillis

"A Poet's Prayer" received a Second Place Award
in the March 1997 issue of Poet's Review.

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