I Hurt Someone Today

I didn't think to bite my tongue;
my anger blocked the way.
Forgive me please, dear Lord, because
I hurt someone today.

I didn't mean to spout the words
that caused a tear to fall,
and if I could, you know, dear Lord,
those words I would recall.

How oft it seems I fail to count
the numbers up to ten,
and every time I speak in haste
I hurt someone again.

How well I know when anger fades,
the heart can better see
that what at first aroused such ire
was mere frivolity.

Please put a bridle on my tongue
till anger goes away;
then thoughtless words won't spew from me
and hurt someone today.

Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis

First published in the July 1999 issue of
The Inspirational Poet

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