In Tender Reverence

Let me but breathe Your name, o God,
so softly in the sacred night;
let me but whisper a prayer to You
while everything is quiet.

Let me but think a thought of You, God,
in the solemn hours when alone I lay;
let me but close my eyes and breathe the prayer
that You would want me to pray.

Let me but reach out in the darkness
and grasp Your nail-scarred hand
and walk with You o'er the beautiful,
divine, eternal Promised Land.

Let me but share the pain You bore
upon that cursed tree;
let me but feel the crown You wore
to fully pardon me.

Oh, God,
Your name's a comfort when everything goes wrong;
Your promises are a coat over my grief.
Your everlasting Word gives to my heart a song
and to my weary soul relief.

Thank You, my blessed Savior.

Copyright 1950 Ruth Gillis
(Written when I was a very young girl)

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