Of all the men that I have known,
and there've been quite a few,
there's only one that I hold dear,
and dear, that man is you.

I wish that I could bring you back
to tell you this is so,
but since you've gone beyond the grave
I guess you'll never know.

But if somehow up there your eyes
sometimes look down my way,
I hope that you will understand
the words I have to say.

Down here I know we had our share
of bitterness and strife;
you weren't the perfect husband,
I, not the perfect wife.

And though we chose on earth to part
and go our separate ways,
for you I felt a special love,
and in my heart it stays.

When it is time for me to pass
and dwell in Heaven's space,
I truly hope that by your side
you'll save for me a place.

Copyright 2004 Ruth Gillis


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