Memories Of A Summer Day

At the end of spring when summer is new
and the soft white clouds float lazily by,
I can close my eyes and picture the view
when we lay in the grass underneath the sky.

I can vision the daisies growing wild and free
and hear the tranquil play of the narrow rill;
I can see the branches of the giant oak tree
that were home to the robin and the whippoorwill.

As the sun climbed high o'er the hidden dell
where the tender breezes gently sighed,
we were caught in the moment of a magic spell,
and my blushing youth took wing and died.

I can still see the blue of that summer sky
when I tasted the passion of my first real kiss,
and to my larval heart I bid goodbye
as I trembled in the thrill of metamorphosis.

How numerous the lips I have kissed since then;
how many the loves that have come my way,
but I still feel a rush of adrenalin
when my mind wanders back to that summer day.

~Copyright 1999 Ruth Gillis~

"Memories Of A Summer Day" received a First Place Award in the 2000 May/June issue of Poets At Work.

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