Some cruel people threw him from their car,
defenseless baby pup afraid and small.
From window to the ground was oh so far;
his little body suffered from the fall.

Just when he thought his life would surely end,
he felt a soothing hand upon his fur.
He knew somehow he'd found a loving friend;
her voice was gentle as a kitty's purr.

With carefulness she scooped his body up,
then placed him on the front seat of her car,
and all the while she whispered, "Little pup,
the doctor's office isn't very far.

"Oh, little pup, I know you are in pain;
I hear the hurt in every sound you make,
but soon you'll be as good as new again;
no longer will your little body ache."

The doctor set the puppy's broken bones
and stitched the cuts he found behind his ears.
He gave him shots to quiet his painful groans
and fought with all he had to hold back tears.

Now he's all healed and he's a happy pup
with toys and treats that are his very own.
He's glad she came along to pick him up
and give him such a kind and loving home.

His owner hopes the folks, whose vicious deed
surpasses all her mind can comprehend,
will come to understand a doggie's need
is just to be a true and faithful friend.

Copyright 1996, 2010 Ruth Gillis

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