My Dog

My dog is more than just a furry beast
who barks and laps his water from a dish.
He is my friend, to say the very least,
who tries to be a good dog as I wish.

He lets me know when there's someone about;
I need not fear a burglar's breaking in.
He keeps me safe, of this I have no doubt;
his love surpasses that of kith and kin.

He knows my moods and never questions why,
forgets each time I act a bit unkind.
He doesn't cheat or steal or ever lie;
he is the truest friend I'll ever find.

When I am sad he tries to lick my hands,
with soulful eyes that say he understands.

Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in RB's Poets' Viewpoint July 1998


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