Dear Lord, You know the road is rocky,
with many stones along the way;
sometimes my footsteps get so weary
it's hard to walk another day.

And, Lord, You know I get so lonely;
I feel like all my friends are gone.
My children now are grown and married;
there's no one left but me at home.

The years, it seems, have crept upon me;
vitality is on the wane.
My body now is old and hurting;
I need a pill to ease the pain.

And sometimes, Lord, I feel so helpless;
depression seems to settle in.
I contemplate about the future
and dream about where I have been.

But, Lord, it's when I'm most despondent,
and when I'm feeling more than blue,
a voice inside me seems to whisper
that I should reach, my God, for You.

Your gentle peace then comes to cloak me
and somehow eases all my fears.
I feel Your certain, holy presence
and shed grateful, cleansing, happy tears.

Copyright 2008 Ruth Gillis

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