Long ago, in the summer,
I felt nature's lusty pull of love,
New to me and strange,
A sizzling, scorching sun
Moaning into silence
As innocence was lost.

On the edge of spring lost,
I ran, breathless, toward the summer,
While the sleeping silence
Of youth said, wait, love,
There's danger in the sun.
But the urgency of the strange

New fever did not feel strange
When innocence was lost,
And fruit, ripening in the sun
Of an overheated summer,
Consumed in love,
Awoke from silence.

Now, in this autumnal silence,
Empty and coldly strange,
So void of passion's love,
I try to recapture what is lost,
But memories of a torrid summer
Can't conjure up the sun.

We lie in a place of no sun.
I listen to the silence
Of a flaming summer,
Our kisses now cold and strange.
I know what has been lost
When, like robots, we make love.

I cannot resurrect a love
Ignited in a blazing sun
When innocence was lost.
In a dense, dark gutter of silence,
So real, yet strange,
I yearn for the summer.

Oh, strange summer sun,
Stroke the silence of our love,
Rekindle passions lost.

Copyright 1993 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in the Summer 1993 issue of Catharsis

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