Hi, and Merry Christmas!
Come on inside where the fire is warm,
and the stockings are hung with care.
I'm so glad you stopped by to share with me
this most joyous Christmas season.
I have some hot chocolate and eggnog,
waiting just for you!
And I do hope you'll sample
some of my delicious treats;
I baked all sorts of delightful goodies --
cakes, cookies, pies, and candy!

And if we're lucky, maybe we will receive
a visit from that jolly ol' fat man himself!
You never can tell -- it's that magical time of year!

We can sing a few carols, too, if you like,
and read some Christmas poems
around my Christmas tree.
If it snows, we can build a snowman!

Just click on the titles below
or click Next at the bottom of the page.
I sure hope you enjoy your visit,
and don't forget to sign my guest book
so I know you came.


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