Wear happy smiles upon your face
When you pass by my tomb;
Remember me with joyfulness,
Don't waste your time in gloom.

I offer my sincere regrets
To those I left behind,
If on life's path I hurt someone
Or ever was unkind.

I had my term upon the earth,
I tried to live it well;
But only for the grace of God
My soul would burn in hell.

Beneath this slab lie only bones,
My soul has gone with God;
My spirit soars above the clouds,
Not rotting in the sod.

So wipe the teardrops from your eyes,
Sing elegies of cheer,
Be strong with love and faith in God;
We'll meet again up Here.

~Copyright 1998 Ruth Gillis~

"Epitaph" received a First Place Award in the
May 1998 issue of RB'S Poets' Viewpoint.

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