Bountiful Blessings

Another year has rolled around
since last Thanksgiving Day,
and God's great blessings still abound
in a most amazing way.

On looking back on this past year,
I'm troubled most to find
that many times much doubt and fear
controlled my heart and mind.

I must admit some times were bad;
some days the darkness loomed,
and there were days that were so sad
that sadness all my thoughts consumed.

I am quite sure my attitude
obscured my brighter sight;
when things got bad and life was rude,
I could not see God's light.

I was too busy listening to
the sad things on TV.
They left me always feeling blue;
they always got to me.

But this I know and understand
that God is always there,
forever holding out His hand
with tender loving care.

His many blessings far outweigh
the evils of the world.
He promises a brighter day
to all who keep His flag unfurled.

So I give thanks to God today
for all the blessings He has given--
it's such a bountiful display
of love poured straight from Heaven!

Copyright 2017, 2018 Ruth Gillis

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