Beyond The Ashes

The old home place no longer stands,
it burned in '93;
now all that's left is tucked away
in lasting memory.

I see the barn where Daddy's mules
were kept with loving care;
down by the bin that held their feed
I see him standing there.

In overalls and tattered hat
he went about each chore,
and oh, it's sad to know that he
won't feed them anymore.

Around the kitchen's old wood stove
I hear Mom gaily sing
as busily she cooked the meals
befit for any king.

I see the love light in her eyes
when I was sick with flu;
I feel the gentle touch of hands
that knew just what to do.

Oh, how I wish I could bring back
the years that hurried past,
but time and temporary things
were never meant to last.

But fire and death cannot expunge
the love that's in my heart,
and memories of yesteryear
will live till I depart.

Copyright 1997 Ruth Gillis

"Beyond The Ashes" received a First Place Award in the
May 2000 issue of RB'S Poets' Viewpoint.


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