I Am Thankful For The Trees

The morning arose in a whisper of gold,
so tranquil and peacefully fair;
mesmerized I watched its grandeur unfold,
then I thankfully murmured a prayer.

From my window I watched the sun rising,
easing slowly up out of the east,
and I saw a red-breasted robin
alight on the feeder to feast.

The trees seemed to shimmer with foliage
greening and bathing in dew,
and my garden was bursting with blossoms
in colors of every hue.

How often we all take for granted
the treasures that only God made,
with never a thought to be thankful
for flowers and trees that give shade.

But if these were all taken from us,
what a colorless world it would be;
therefore, from now on I will thank Him
for each flower, robin, and tree.

Copyright 1996 Ruth Gillis

Previously published in the March 1997 issue
of The Inspirational Poet

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