I have never seen the Father,
yet I know that He is there,
for I feel His holy presence
every time I kneel in prayer.

I have never heard Him speaking,
yet I know He calls to me,
for I hear Him in my conscience
when from Him I try to flee.

I have never touched His garments,
yet I know He's clothed in care,
for I sense His arms around me
when I'm burdened with despair.

I have never seen Him working,
yet I know He's never still,
for I see His fine creations
in wild flowers on the hill.

Who but God could form the heavens,
put each star into the sky?
I've not met a single human
who would even dare to try.

I could not as mortal being
ever doubt that God is real.
Though unseen He is the Giver
of the heart that lets me feel.

Copyright 1997 Ruth Gillis

"Belief" received a First Place Award in the
September 1998 issue of The Inspirational Poet.

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