A Single Rose

He gave to her a single rose
when they were in their teens.
He said he'd give her many more
if he just had the means.
But money in those days was scarce;
with one she was content,
and though her heart was very young,
she knew what that rose meant.

When they grew up and finished school
and he went off to war,
he gave to her a single rose;
she knew what it was for.
She kissed him on the day he left,
said, "I will wait for you,"
and all the years that he was gone
her love for him stayed true.

The war was done and he came home;
he knelt down to propose.
She saw the love deep in his eyes,
and in his hand a rose.
They soon were wed and later on
began a family,
and times were tough but they held on,
together, he and she.

On special days he always found
the means to buy a rose,
and she was more than happy with
the flower that he chose.
Then times got good and he could buy
a dozen buds and more,
but only one he still would give,
just like he'd done before.

For fifty years she kept them all,
with care pressed in a book.
Sometimes she liked to reminisce
and turn the page and look.
She knew between each yellowed page
was more than roses pressed,
and she was thankful for the man
with whom she had been blessed.

Beside her casket, crying tears,
his grief too much to bear,
he laid a rose upon her breast
with tender loving care.
"One final rose," he softly said,
"with love I give to you,
symbolic of my very heart
which travels with you too."

Copyright 2003 Ruth Gillis

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