Softly at the noontide the Voice came to me,
stealing over my desolate thoughts of pain.
From whence it came I looked to see.
I beheld no one; it must have been the rain.

So gently at the twilight I heard a saddened sigh
as I wandered in the chilly evening air.
It held a yearning longing that seemed to cry,
but when I looked no one was there.

Oh, yes, my heart was very heavy
as I walked amid the evening dew.
I ached with burning pain until I heard
a gentle whisper: "Christ is calling you."

I listened closely to those words
and felt a cooling evening breeze.
Silently I pondered until I understood
and knelt down upon my knees.

Since then I walk old paths no more;
the paths I travel now are new,
where love abides and peace resides;
Dear Christ, I've come to You.

I well remember the day He came,
as I walked amid the evening dew,
and how He spoke so soft and gentle:
"Christ is calling you."

Now I seek Him and I find Him
in every hour of the day,
and never will I forget
the words I heard Him say.

If you seek Him with longing
in the precious evening dew,
from afar you'll hear Him whisper:
"Christ is calling you."

Copyright 1950 Ruth Gillis
(Written when I was a very young teen)

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