The Easter Bunny

Who do I see hopping down the trail
with long floppy ears and a cropped-off tail,
and a furry coat so soft and white
that it seems to shimmer in the spring sunlight?

Zipping and dashing through the brush he goes,
leapfrog playing with a twitching nose.
Jumping about on his two hind legs,
he's busily hiding multicolored eggs.

He only comes around at Easter time
in his furry soft coat that seems to shine,
bringing Easter fun to the girls and boys
with his multicolored eggs and bunny toys.

Quick as a wink his job is done
and he scampers away in the noonday sun,
but he'll return next Easter time
to hide more eggs for the kids to find.

Copyright 1995, 2004 Ruth Gillis



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