Hi, Lord, it's me again.
I need to talk to You for a minute.
Today's been kinda rough,
and with all that hullabaloo
going on down at the office lately,
I forgot to take You with me this morning.
Let me tell You about it.

First, old man DuBose -- he's the head honcho --
said all us girls in the typing pool
had to stop taking so many breaks,
said our work hadn't been up to snuff lately.
Now, Lord, You know we do our best down there.
Why does that grouchy old boss
talk to us like that?

Then the copy machine broke,
just when I was in the middle of copying
that old goat's hundred-page proposal,
and he wanted twenty copies pronto,
"I mean not tomorrow but right NOW!"

I was so frustrated I kicked the darn machine,
and You know something, Lord? --
it was a miracle -- that copier started
spitting out copies faster than
a forest fire spreads in a windstorm!
Boy, was I relieved!
And, Lord, I couldn't believe it when
I presented Mr. DuBose with the copies
and he smiled at me and said
I was doing a fine job.

Well, Lord, that's all for now.
Thank You for listening.
I feel better already. Amen.

P.S. Hmmm. You were there all the time,
weren't You, Lord?

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

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