I dreamed I slept in your arms last night.
My lips clung to your mouth with a fervent need.
Softly I breathed your name as I held you tight,
And I felt suspended in an endless time.

I dreamed I slept in your arms last night.
You gave yourself in a heavenly way.
We met together on a sacred plot,
As the dark of night turned into day.

We lay in a bed never known before,
With a burning need to be satisfied,
And the feel of you so close to me
Touched deep in my soul, and then I cried.

I gave to you what is yours alone,
For my heart cries out with a madness vain
Of a hunger so deep and a love so true
That even Aphrodite would call insane.

Copyright 1978 Ruth Gillis

Music, Fragments of my Soul,
is by Bruce DeBoer.

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