Oh, little cat, why did you come?
Why did you stop inside my gate?
Were you just looking for a home?
Oh, little cat, I'm only eight.

Oh, little cat, my mama said
that I could keep you for a while.
I will let you share my bed;
oh, little cat, you make me smile.

Oh, little cat, you are so sweet;
I love to brush your shiny fur.
You walk around on quiet feet;
I sure do like to hear you purr.

Oh, little cat, I hold you near;
you snuggle close up to my chin.
You really like me, that is clear --
why did your heart allow me in?

Oh, little cat, a pal so dear;
I stroke your fur and rub your chin.
I really like you, that is clear --
that's why my heart allowed you in.

Oh, little cat, you've found your home;
I want you to always stay.
Nevermore you'll need to roam;
oh, little cat, now let's go play.

Copyright 1949, 2019 Ruth Gillis


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