Dear God, We Need Your Help

Dear God, we need Your help;
please hear our fervent prayer.
Our country has been attacked
by dastards from the air.

So many lives were lost, dear God,
by their horrendous deed;
our safety has been threatened,
and Lord, to You we plead.

We pray that You will help us
overcome this evil ploy
designed for annihilation
of the freedom we enjoy.

Dear Lord, we do beseech You
to comfort those who cry
for loved ones gone forever;
their loved ones forced to die.

Please fold Your arms around them
and keep them in Your care.
Give solace in their sorrow;
this is our humble prayer.

We thank You, God, for freedom
and for Your precious love.
Please give our country’s leaders
Your guidance from above.

Endow them all with vision
to know just what to do
to lead our land through turmoil,
divinely led by You.

Thank You, dear God, we praise You.
We ask You now to bless
our beloved land of America.
Please hear our SOS.

In Jesus’ name we pray,

~Copyright © 2001 Ruth Gillis~

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