Oh, Spring, you serenade me
In fields and meadows green,
With songs in rainbow rhyme
Of pure eternal dreams.

I feel a glad renewal
Each time I hear you play;
I dance in true abandon
To what you have to say.

When daylight spirals me
To your enchanted place,
My spirit soars forever
As I behold your grace.

If Time were but a canvas
And you a silhouette,
I'd paint your breath upon it
So I would not forget.

When winter winds blow harshly
And crystal raindrops fall,
When your mosaic's mottled,
Your carpet turned to straw,

I'd look upon my canvas,
Your imprint I would see,
And once again I'd hear
You serenading me.

Copyright 1995 Ruth Gillis

First published in Poetic Eloquence May 1995

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